Finding your dashboard

The Dashboard is the central page for your work in Futureproofs. It lists the projects you are currently working on (whether you created them or were invited onto them) and lets you go straight to mark up proofs on those projects or see other information about the project.

When you first log into Futureproofs, you will be taken to an introductory project in the markup tool. This lets you quickly see how you can work on a proof. When you click Exit, you'll be taken to your dashboard. 

On subsequent logins, you'll go straight to the dashboard.

Initially, your dashboard will be empty, with just a single sample project and the user menu at the top right to administer your account. As you create or are invited onto projects, the dashboard will fill up.

Whenever you are marking up a proof, you can get back to the Dashboard by clicking the Exit button on the right-hand side of the toolbar.

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