Query-reminder emails

Futureproofs will automatically remind you of queries that need dealing with, by sending you an email every day. This email contains two kinds of queries.

  • Queries that have been raised by other team members on your projects and assigned to you. These are the questions you need to answer for your team, so that the work on the proofs can proceed quickly.
  • Queries that you raised for other team members, and which they have now responded to. You may now be able to resolve the query and mark any necessary changes on the proof, or you may need to continue the conversation to establish the correct course of action.

What do the emails look like?

A typical email might look like this.

Dear Anna Editor,

Here is a list of your outstanding queries on  Futureproofs - the online proofing platform.

Just click the link on each to view the relevant proofs in your browser and make your reply. Or you can view your Query Inbox directly:

View your Query Inbox directly

Project: The Big Book of Words

Page: 2

QUERY: Is this legible enough?

Show query in browser

Thanks for using  Futureproofs.

The email opens with your name, to reassure you that this email is really coming from us.

There is then a brief reminder of the email's purpose, followed by a link to the Query Inbox page.

Each project is then listed separately with its title, with the queries on each page of the project listed in order. We show the text of the query and give you a link to see the proof page in your browser with this query shown - just as though you'd clicked the Show In Proof button in the Query Inbox. From here, you can respond to the query as normal. (Note that you may be asked to log in before being able to see the proof page.)

How often do you send these emails?

Daily digest emails are, as their name suggests, sent once a day - if you have outstanding queries. If none of your projects have any queries that you need to deal with, we will not send you an email about that. Only if something requires your attention will we get in touch.

We also gather all your projects and queries into a single email, so that we don't fill up your inbox with messages. Part of our purpose with Futureproofs is to reduce the number of emails you need to deal with, after all!

If you have any problems with the digest emails, please contact us via the widget at the bottom of the screen and we'll do our best to sort them out.

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