What's on the dashboard?

The dashboard in Futureproofs provides a quick way to see all your active projects and to go straight into the markup tool to work on them. The dashboard looks like this, with a menu at the top and your projects all listed below.

On the left is the filters sidebar. You can collapse this by hitting the – button at its top right, and expand it again by hitting the + button that is shown in that state.


Each project on the dashboard has the same structure. 

On the left is the book cover, if one has been uploaded. (If not, we display a blue placeholder image, as shown here.)

On the right are the following details.

  • The project's title in the system.
  • The name of the latest proof that has been made ready to check. In this case, you can see that the proof called '2pp (3 pages)' is available.
  • A countdown to the due date that has been set for this proof (here, "0 days"). If no due date has been set, this shows "n/a".
  • A summary of the time you have spent working on this project. This adds up all the time you have spent marking up proofs (not just the current proof but the whole project), rounded to the nearest 0.1 hours.
  • A summary of the number of open queries you're involved in on this project (here, 8), as well as the number of queries on this project that have unread messages (here, 0).

What can I do on the dashboard?

You can filter or sort the projects on the dashboard using the tools on the left.

First, you can choose to whether to show projects for which you're on the team, or all projects from your publisher account (if you have one). By default, you will be shown your own projects, but it can be useful to see your colleagues' projects sometimes.

  • You can enter a term and the dashboard will be filtered to show only projects whose name or keywords field contains the specified text. (There's no need to hit the Return button on your keyboard - the list will update automatically after a second.) When filtering for keywords, you can also use operators to get the specific results you want. For example, if a project has keywords "one two three" then it will be found if you filter for "one", "two", "one two" or "two three". However, it will not be found if you try "one three", because that literal text isn't in the keywords field. However, you can do this using "one & three". More complex filters are also possible; for example, try the .* operator as a wildcard to match any number of any characters (so, "int.*al" would match "international" and
  • By default, the dashboard shows only live projects, but you can choose instead to show projects that have been Archived by the project owner.
  • Finally, you can set the order in which the listed projects are shown: alphabetically by project name (the default); chronologically based on the project's target publication date; and chronologically by the date the projects were created.

At the bottom of the filters tab, Futureproofs shows how many projects match the options you've set, and how many are currently being shown (only 20 projects are loaded at a time, and more are loaded as you scroll down the page).

If you hover your mouse over any project, that project will be highlighted.

  • Clicking 'Check proofs' will take you to the markup tool showing the latest set of proofs for that project. Clicking the menu on that button will show a list of all proofs from that project. (If the button is not shown then there is no proof ready to check.)
  • Clicking 'Details' (if visible) will show you the project's proofs, description and team.

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