Which web browsers do you support?

We aim to let you use any modern browser that supports HTML5 and, in particular, the HTML5 Canvas. This is the technology that lets us load pages and draw on top of them.

In general, we support the same browser versions as the company that provides that browser or your operating system. What this means is that you should be able to use any of the following browsers, in roughly descending order of preference.

  • Chrome (latest 2 versions) Recommended.
  • Firefox (latest 2 versions).
  • Safari 9 or later.
  • Edge.
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
    (Previous versions stopped being supported by Microsoft in January 2016, so we can no longer support them either.)
  • Opera (latest version).

You should be able to use any computer or operating system that runs one of the above browsers.

We don't support iPad or other tablets at this time, but we expect to do so in the future.

Known issues

Internet Explorer 10

  • Pasting text into a markup where there's already text causes the text after the insertion point to be replaced with the new content (rather than the new content being inserted). This is an issue with the browser's Javascript engine and we won't work around it because this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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