What can the project owner do?

'Project owner' is one of the four roles that you can be given in a project.

When you create a project, you are automatically made the Owner of that project. When you invite other users to that project, they will by default be given a lower level of access (Proofreader level).

If you make another user a Project Owner on your project, they will share all the same rights that you do. This can be useful if you are sharing the responsibility for a project or perhaps are going on holiday for a couple of weeks.

A project owner can, in essence, do anything on a project. They can invite new users, change the roles of existing users, upload new proofs, create master proofs and download marked up PDFs. They can also view performance data about a project.

If you do not want a team member to be able to upload proofs (and hence potentially cost you money) or to see data about performance, for example, you should not make them a Project Owner.

The table below shows a full list of all the roles and what each can do. A green box means that someone with that role can carry out that task. 

Note that Publisher roles over-ride Project roles. Thus, a Publisher Owner can view details for all projects in their company even if they are assigned Proofreader or Author role (or no role) on some of them.

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