How do I leave a Publisher account?

You may find that you need to swap from one Publisher to another for a range of reasons.

  • Perhaps you created a Publisher when you logged in but actually need to share a colleague's Publisher.
  • Perhaps you have left one employer and started at another.

Whatever the reason, it's simple to get this changed.

Request to leave the account

  1. Log into your account and select Publisher in your user menu.
  2. Click the Leave Publisher button on your Publisher page.

  3. You will see a dialog box like this. Click Confirm if you are sure you want to request to leave this Publisher. (Or click Cancel if you want to leave things as they are.)
  4. When the request is sent, you will see this dialog to show that this has happened.

After your request is submitted, our admins will take a look at it. If you are the last person running a Publisher account, they may contact you to confirm that you definitely want to leave.

Once the admins are happy that the request won't cause any problems, they will remove you from the list of Admins and Owners of this Publisher.

After this is done, you will be able to accept an invitation to join a new Publisher.

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