How do I change how often query-reminder emails are sent?

As a project owner, you can set how often your team will be reminded about queries they need to deal with.

  • The default option for all projects is daily. With this option set, your team will get a single email every day that lists all the queries that they need to deal with. This ensures that you get the speediest responses.
  • Often, authors (and other team members) are not available every day, and so there is also a weekly option. With this option set, your team will get their reminder emails only once a week - early on Saturday morning, ready for a productive weekend's work!

When you  view the details for your project and choose the Project tab, you will see the current setting displayed towards the bottom of the details for your project.

To change this setting, click the blue Edit button, as for changing any other project metadata. Click where it says 'Daily' (or 'Weekly') and choose the relevant option, then click the green Save button and your choice will be saved.

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