Who should use Futureproofs?


Futureproofs is designed to deal with the problems that editors really face in their day-to-day work. Starting with a method of on-screen proof markup that is powerful and precise and yet simple, Futureproofs also lets you work closely with your team while you are working on proofs - not just after you've finished.

Markup is only part of the job, though. Once the proofs are marked up, you need to collate everyone's comments onto a master proof - and we provide a straightforward method to do this. We also give you an easy way to check revised proofs against previous versions, and also to carry markup forward from one version into the next if corrections have been missed.

Overall, Futureproofs is designed to make your life better by letting you focus on the important things. By making the process of proofing more efficient and straightforward, you can spend more time on the content.


Just like the editors, proofreaders will find tools in Futureproofs that address their every-day needs. The same powerful, precise and simple way of marking up the proofs means that you spend less time worrying about the software and more thinking about the proofs. Sophisticated tools for raising and responding to queries mean that you can get replies from your editor or author far more quickly - and make suitable corrections before you return the proofs.

Checking revised proofs against previous versions can be awkward, but our clear split-screen view shows you the new version alongside the marked-up master of the previous proof. Carrying any missed corrections forward into the new proof is a one-click operation - even simpler than paper-based proofing!

Overall, Futureproofs is designed to make your life better by letting you work more efficiently and communicate more clearly with your editor and author. By storing your markup and collaboration record securely online, your editor will always know what you have done and why - vastly reducing the need to revisit old projects to answer questions or recall the reasoning for decisions.

Project managers

For the project manager, Futureproofs provides tools to build and communicate with your team - set deadlines, receive notifications and review decisions. In addition, because Futureproofs is in the cloud, you can get a snapshot view of project status at any time. This means you don't need to wonder about how your author is getting on; you can immediately see how far through the proof they are. You can see whether your freelancer is on budget or likely to exceed it, even before they tell you.

When it comes to project reviews, we'd all like to carry them out but we so rarely have the time to do it properly. Because we record every action each user takes on a proof, Futureproofs can help by providing clear reports showing how much time was spent on each proof stage, how much work was done and how each supplier performed - including a breakdown of red and blue changes on each proof. No more tedious manual checking, just simple, clear reports.

Overall, Futureproofs is designed to make your life better by giving you the control and insight you need to manage your proofs effectively. Instant access to data and clear records of every change made on the proof mean that you always know the status of your projects.


You wrote the book and now you're being asked to check the proofs. You may not have done it before or you may check proofs regularly. Either way, Futureproofs has you covered. Our simple interface doesn't require you to understand the squiggles that your editor uses, but gives you the same power and precision in markup that they have. Easy collaboration means that you can be notified when someone has a query for you, and can quickly respond to sort the issue out.

Because Futureproofs is in the cloud, you can check your proofs wherever you are. No need to wait in for the postman with a huge parcel, and no need to install any software on your computer. Just log in through your browser and draw! You can even use a different computer if you're away from home - in a library, internet cafe or even a hotel!

Overall, Futureproofs is designed to make your life better by making it simpler to work with your editor and make sure that your book works as you meant it to. Clear communication and record-keeping means that you both always know what decisions have been made and why.


You created the layouts and now you need to know exactly what changes your client wants you to make. You don't want to waste time deciphering scribbles on paper, or reading long explanations of simple changes in PDFs. You're very comfortable working on-screen but when every set of proofs (even from the same client) is structured differently, your work takes longer.

Futureproofs has you covered. One click takes you from the projects list to the master proof you're working on. Futureproofs shows you every correction in turn and lets you mark it as corrected, or easily raise a query if anything's not clear (you can even attach a PDF of page to check that the result is what the client wanted). When you mark one correction as done, Futureproofs skips you straight to the next, even if there are multiple clean pages in between. Minimum hassle, maximum focus on the job!

And if you prefer working from a simple PDF file, Futureproofs can support you there, too. Your client can send a fully annotated master-proof PDF complete with copy-and-paste-able text, hyperlinks to additional files and clear, standards-compliant markup. Following the standards means that, even with a basic PDF, it's always clear what changes are needed - without having to read long-winded explanations.

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