Can I remove projects from my dashboard?

By default, your dashboard will list all live projects on which you are a team member. (For more on your dashboard, click here.) However, if you are a Project Owner for a project that has finished, you can remove it from your team's dashboards and clear up any queries that are still outstanding. (You can always choose to view archived projects later on if you need access again.)

  1. Hover over the project you want to hide on your dashboard.

  2. Click the Details button, and then choose the Project tab.

  3. At the top right, you should see a toggle labelled Archived. This is intended to be used when a project is complete, and means that the project will be removed from the dashboard of all team members, and also that all queries on this project will be closed (so reminder emails will no longer be sent).
  4. You can change your mind about a project being archived by just clicking the toggle again, reverting it to the No state. (But note that this will not restore queries to their initial state.)

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