What does Futureproofs do?

First and foremost, Futureproofs is designed to make editors' lives better by finally providing a way to mark up proofs on screen that is as easy as marking up on paper. Being specifically designed by editors for editors, Futureproofs understands what the user is trying to do, and makes it easier to do so.

Based on the markup standards that have evolved for use on paper over the decades, Futureproofs retains the power and precision of traditional markup. By comparison, other systems are just dropping sticky notes onto the page. Futureproofs lets you mark individual letters, with no need to write explanations of every comment so that the typesetter understands what you want done.

By providing a tool that lets editors get on with their job efficiently, Futureproofs lets you save money - whether that's by not printing out your proofs any longer, by spending less time on marking up on screen or by reducing the burden of managing communication.

Real-time collaboration

Making on-screen markup as easy as paper-based markup isn't enough, though. Futureproofs also improves your team communication by allowing queries to be raised and dealt with in real time. Our users don't need to wait until a proof is complete before collecting and distributing queries for response. Instead, as soon as a query is raised, the person responsible is notified and can respond. Queries can be raised and dealt with within the basic proofing flow.

More than that, though, by recording the full query conversation, Futureproofs also provides a clear record of the decisions that have been made about a project. Each conversation is available for review, and clearly linked to the page in the book to which it applied. By letting users find this information, rather than leaving it in email inboxes, phone calls or random pieces of paper, errors are reduced and time saved when issues are raised later in the project.

Version control

This ability to keep track of activity on the proofs extends beyond queries to all markup. Every piece of markup is recorded and traceable, so you can tell who originally asked for a change and when, who included it in the master proof, and whether the typesetter included it in the corrections properly.

You can view a page's history at any stage, making it easy to discover the origins of any content or layout change. So, you save time when trying to chase down disputed changes and reduce the risk of corrections being missed.


Because all this data is now available, you can also get much better insight into your projects. For example, you can see how much progress a team member has made - and deduce whether they're likely to return their comments on time!

This also helps with project reviews. Everyone wants to do them, but no one has time because it's so difficult to find the data you need. But with Futureproofs, it's easy to see how much work was done on each proof, how many corrections were made and how well your suppliers performed.

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