What is the time-zone setting for?

If you have configured a deadline for a proof,  we will send reminder emails to your team. These are sent between midnight and 6am, but to make sure that they arrive on the correct day, you should make sure that your Publisher account is set to the correct time zone. (Otherwise, emails might arrive a day early or late, confusing the team.)

  1. From the user menu on your Futureproofs dashboard, choose the Publisher option.

  2. Look for the section headed Timezone.

  3. This will have defaulted to UTC (the London/Western-Europe time zone) when you created your account. To change this setting, simply click on the menu (labelled UTC±00:00) and then select the timezone in which your Publisher is based. This will be saved, and will then be used for all future reminder emails for projects belonging to this publisher.

Note: please ignore daylight-savings time (summer time) when choosing this setting, and use the base timezone for your location.

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