Can I bookmark certain pages as favourites?

Futureproofs has its own bookmarking system, so that you can store particular pages in your proofs and easily navigate around. For example, you might want to store the chapter start pages, or the index, or the answer section in a textbook.

Opening the bookmarks sidebar

To see your bookmarks, click the bookmark icon on the toolbar, near its middle.

The bookmarks sidebar will list your bookmarks (initially, of course, the list will be empty!) and let you create new ones (or view your team's bookmarks, if someone else has created bookmarks that might be useful to you).

Creating a bookmark

To create a bookmark for your current page, just click the blue Create button near the top of the sidebar. Then, you can choose to give your bookmark a meaningful name (by default, they're just called 'Page 1' or whatever).

Hit the blue Save button and your bookmark will be saved ready to use. Just click the orange View button next to it and you'll immediately be taken to the bookmarked page.

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