Can I copy bookmarks from one proof to another?

When you start work on a new version of a proof, it can be tedious to re-create all your bookmarks again each time. Fortunately, Futureproofs has a useful tool to avoid this.

At the bottom of the bookmarks sidebar is the Import button.

Select a proof from the dropdown list, then click Import, and all the bookmarks from the old proof will be copied into your new proof. To help you see which bookmarks are copied, they will have an asterisk added to the end of their name. (This helps remind you that the page numbers might be wrong if the proof has been restructured during correction. You can remove these asterisks if you like by editing the bookmark as normal.)

NB If you've already bookmarked a page in the new proof, we won't over-write that with an imported bookmark. Your new bookmark will be kept intact.

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