How do I review the corrections on the master proof?

For designers

The Designer role on the project is intended for people who will be reviewing corrections only - internal or external designers and typesetters. People with this role will access the Designer mode only, and be able to review corrections but not to create their own.

If a user has the Designer role on the project, they will go straight to Designer mode to review the proof corrections on the master proof when they click the orange Review proof for the project on their dashboard.

Other roles

You may have people on your team who can both add corrections to the proofs and also review the corrections and take them in to the source file. (For example, your editor may do some or all of the InDesign work themself.) To enable this, ensure that each such person has the Proofreader or Project Owner role on your project. Then, choose one of these two routes to designer mode, depending on where you are in Futureproofs.

From the dashboard

  • Select the project on your dashboard and hit the Details button.
  • Scroll down to the proof you are interested in, then click the Actions button.
  • From the menu that appears, choose the Review corrections option.

You will be taken to the same Designer mode as if you had the designer role above. In this mode, you cannot change the master proof, but can tick off corrections and raise queries about corrections.

From the markup tool

If you're already in the markup tool (perhaps viewing your own proof in Normal mode), you can quickly change to see the master proof using the orange mode selector at the top left of your toolbar:

Clicking this will show you the available modes, which depend on your role on the project and its stage (you may thus see some, all or none of these options on a particular project.

  • Normal mode - this is the default, and shows you your own markup on this proof along with your queries. You can add and edit your markup, and raise or resolve queries,
  • Master mode - available if you have the Project Owner or Proofreader role, this lets you view other team members' markup and collate it all into a single authoritative master document that can be sent to a designer/typesetter for correction. This mode will also show you your own unresolved queries, to enable you to resolve them before finalising the master proof.
  • Designer mode - available if you have the Project Owner or Proofreader role, this lets you view (but not change) the master proof, and check them off as they're implemented in the source document. You can also raise and resolve queries to ensure that the corrected proof is as correct as possible.
  • Compare this version to - available if you have the Project Owner or Proofreader role, and if there are previous proofs in this project. This lets you compare two versions on screen side by side, navigate through the requested changes, and copy them across to the new proof if they were missed by the designer.

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