How do I indicate that I've made a change in Designer mode?

When you're in Designer mode (either because you have the Designer role on a project, or because you've chosen Review corrections from the Actions menu for a proof), you have a restricted set of actions.

  • You can step backwards and forwards through the corrections on the master proof using the arrow buttons on the toolbar. This will skip straight past any pages that have no markup on them, ensuring that you see every correction without tediously studying every page.
  • You can indicate when a correction has been implemented in the source file (e.g. InDesign) by clicking the tick button. When you do this, the markup will be removed from view and you will be advanced on to the next uncorrected markup.
  • You can raise a query about the current markup if you are not clear about the required action, by clicking the query button (with the speech balloons). As usual, you can type a question, assign it to a team member and attach a file (e.g. a draft layout for the current page).

However, you cannot draw on the page to add any markup to the proof, in this mode.

Show corrected markup

If you need to review the previous markup, you can display all markup from the master proof by clicking the Show corrected button on the toolbar. 

In this mode, all markup is shown, and markup that has been marked as implemented (by hitting the tick button) is shown with a green line through its marginal part. You can mark it as being un-corrected by hitting the Cross button (as shown below - it changes from a Tick when you select markup that has already been marked as corrected).

To revert to the default mode (where completed markup is not shown), simply click Hide corrected.

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