What screen size do I need?

You can use Futureproofs on any screen size, and the dashboard will work at any size down to a mobile phone.

However, to get the best from the markup tool, we recommend that your screen is at least 1280 pixels wide. The toolbar will cope with narrower windows but some tools will be hidden in a submenu.

As you can see on  the help page about the markup toolbar, you should see a toolbar like this when you are checking a proof in Futureproofs:

If you don't see all these buttons then look for the 'more' button. Click this to see the tools that have been hidden.

In general, we recommend in any case that you maximise your browser window so that you can make the best use of your monitor as you check proofs in Futureproofs. The way to do this varies with your operating system, but in general there is a maximise button at the top right of your browser window toolbar in Windows, and at the top left in MacOS (the green button).

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