What keyboard shortcuts can I use?

Futureproofs has a range of keyboard shortcuts (or 'hotkeys') that you can use in the markup tool. (If you're a Mac user, you can substitute the Cmd or ⌘ key for Ctrl.)


  • Ctrl-f opens the search pane.
  • Ctrl-Shift-f opens the advanced search sidebar.

Page navigation

  • Alt-⇨, Alt-⇦, Alt-⇧ and Alt-⇩ scrolls the page within the window (if there's any part of the page outside the window).
  • Alt-< and Alt-> will take you to the previous or next page, respectively (if you're not already at the first or last page).
  • Alt-plus and Alt-minus zoom the page in or out by one step (if it's not already at the maximum or minimum zoom).


  • Backspace will delete the selected markup.
  • Alt-e will open the edit dialog for the text in the selected markup.


  • When you have the text editor open, you can apply bold, italic or underline formatting using Ctrl-b, Ctrl-i or Ctrl-u, respectively.
  • When you have the text editor open (in text or Maths mode), you can submit your text directly using Ctrl-Return.

Menus and dialog boxes

  • The arrow keys let you move through the markup menu - use up and down to select different entries in the menu, and left and right to move between submenus
  • The Return key selects the current entry in the markup menu.
  • The Tab key (⇥) moves you between buttons in dialog boxes.
  • The Return key select the current button in dialog boxes.

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