Can I see two pages at once?

It can often be useful to see two pages at the same time - for checking text that flows over a page or when you have design elements that cross a spread.

Usually, Futureproofs shows you one page at a time but you can easily turn on two-page view by clicking this button on the toolbar (next to the Zoom menu):

When you do this, the next page will be shown to the right of the current page, with a small gap between the pages.


There are a couple of things to be aware of when you're in this mode:

  • no markup is shown on the right-hand page, and
  • you can't add markup to the right-hand page.

That is, you're always working on the left-hand page, and the extra page is shown for information only. If you move your mouse pointer over the right-hand page, it will fade slightly to show the diagonal lines in the background, and the pointer will change shape to show that you can't add markup.

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