How can I copy the text part of markup?

In Designer mode, it's easy to copy the text for any markup with a text part (insert, replace, comments etc.) with one click - complete with all formatting. This helps to avoid copy-and-paste mistakes, as well as to avoid rekeying text!

For normal text, there's a simple Copy button in the popup. Click this and the text (and formatting) will be placed on your clipboard ready to paste into InDesign.

For Maths, the button is labelled Copy LaTeX and will copy the LaTeX code for the Maths into the clipboard. For fairly obvious reasons, we can't place formatted Maths onto the clipboard, but you should be able to paste the LaTeX code into your Maths tool and regenerate the original expression accurately, without rekeying.


This function is dependent on your browser allowing the copy action. Most modern browsers do this (including Chrome from version 43, Firefox from version 41, Opera from version 29, Safari from version 10, and IE from version 10) but, if you're using an older browser, it may not work. In this case, we strongly recommend using a newer version of your browser or a different browser. As well as helping Futureproofs work properly, older browsers are insecure and could endanger your privacy and even your finances!

Also, Safari has issues retaining italic formatting in the copied text, but this appears to depend on the application you're pasting into - some work and some don't. We're very sorry about this but there's nothing we can do about the browser's behaviour here. If it's a persistent annoyance for you, consider changing to Chrome or Opera, which both behave better here.

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