How do I remove someone from my project team?

If a member of your team no longer needs access to your project, you (or any other user with the Project Owner role), you can easily remove them from your project.

  1. Visit your dashboard and select the project you want to change. Then, choose the Team tab.

  2. Find the person in the team list and click the orange Remove button. You will see a confirmation dialog, reminding you of the consequences of removing someone from a project. 

    (These are chiefly related to how we handle queries that they're a member of, by notifying other queriers that they've been removed and thus can't reply, and closing queries that the removed user created.) NB Markup created by this user is not removed from our system. If you later add this person back to the project, they'll have access to all their old markup.
  3. Click Confirm and the user will be removed from your project. They will receive a short email from Futureproofs letting them know that this has happened.

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