Video 1: Introducing markup



Hi. This is John from Futureproofs, and in this video we’re going to look at how to review a proof and mark your corrections.

The first step is to open the proof you want to work on from your dashboard.

The basic idea of Futureproofs is that you can draw on the page as you would on paper, and our software helps you quickly enter the correction you need.

So, if I draw a line on the page, Futureproofs shows me a set of actions I might like to take. When I choose “Delete” and then “Letters” from the menu, the line I drew is neatened up and the matching marginal mark is inserted in the margin.

If I click on the page then I get a different menu. When I choose “Insert” and then “Text”, there’s a dialog box to type my text into that offers formatting and even Maths.

Popups show the text part when I select the markup.

You can even mark corrections to artworks in the same way. Drawing a closed loop gives a third set of choices. You’ll find that most things you need to do are there in our menus but, if you can’t find the right option, you can always create a “General comment”.

If you need detailed help at any stage, there’s lots available in our Help area. You can also use our support widget to ask questions from our team directly.

That’s it for this quick introduction to markup in Futureproofs. Check out our other videos to learn more about what Futureproofs can do!

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