Video 0: What is Futureproofs?



Futureproofs helps publishers get their content to market more quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Based on decades of experience in publishing, the Futureproofs platform is designed specifically for the proofing of illustrated content, and addresses the real-world issues that teams face every day.

Other PDF software isn’t designed for proofreading and lacks the precision and speed of traditional paper-based markup – research shows that it takes 20% longer to work on a PDF on screen with such software than it does to work on paper!

Futureproofs finally enables editorial and production teams to work effectively on screen, by combining the best of traditional markup with the best of modern technology, in a clear, browser-based, cloud-hosted service.

Futureproofs has three key benefits. First, it covers the core proofing workflow – it:

  • lets you make corrections quickly and clearly;
  • lets you collate the markup from your team into a single master proof;
  • enables the typesetter to review that master proof and implement changes in the source document; and
  • helps you check that the new version contains all the changes you asked for.

Second, it helps the team to:

  • collaborate more effectively;
  • manage queries about the content;
  • respond;
  • manage security; and
  • track conversations.

Automatic, transparent accountability is built in.

Third, it provides real-time data to support effective project management and reduce your risks. Being able to see exactly how far through their work your team is means that you know if they can deliver on time – or if a problem is happening that you need to head off.

All this is wrapped in an interface that is designed to be easy to use, with full end-user support included.

Futureproofs is the future of proofreading. Sign up today for your trial!

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