How do I invite people to join my Publisher account?

Having a Publisher account lets you create projects. (A "project" is our term for individual publications, whether that's a book, a magazine issue or whatever). 

What is the Publisher account for?

You might have a number of editors on your team, each of whom needs to be able to start and to manage their own projects. If each editor created a separate Publisher account on Futureproofs, it would be much more complicated to manage, and to collaborate effectively. Instead, having one Publisher account that everyone else joins, means that everyone can more easily share and control their projects.

First of all, be careful only to invite people you trust to share your Publisher. People who work for different companies, for example, should use separate Publisher accounts!

Note: This is quite separate to sharing an individual project. Inviting someone onto your project team just gives them access to that project. By contrast, inviting someone into your Publisher means that they have access to all your projects (although, for convenience, they may also be a member of a specific project).

To invite someone to join your Publisher account, follow these simple steps.

Inviting people

  1. Once you're logged in to Futureproofs, open the user menu by hovering over your name in the top right. Then choose the Publisher option.

  2. You will be shown the Publisher administration screen. Click Add member to publisher.

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to become an administrator of your account, and choose the role you want them to have (Admin or Owner).
  4. Click Submit. If the person you're inviting already has a Futureproofs account, you will see their name added to the list of members.
  5. If the person you're inviting doesn't already have a Futureproofs account, you will see this dialog. Check that the email address shown is correct. If it is, click Confirm and an invitation will be sent to that address to join Futureproofs. Once the person signs up, they will automatically be added to your Publisher account. Until then, they will appear in a special Invited users section at the bottom of the list.

If, for some reason, we can't successfully send an email to the address you typed, this email address will be moved to a Failed invites section. If the person you invited didn't get their email, check this section and verify that you have the correct address for them. Sometimes, errors can be transient, so try a second time. If, however, you consistently cannot invite this person, please let us know.

The invitation email is sent immediately. If your colleague hasn't received the email after a couple of hours, ask them to check that the email hasn't got caught by their spam filter. If the email still doesn't arrive, please contact us via the widget at the bottom of the screen and we'll sort you out.

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