Video 6: Reviewing master proofs and implementing corrections


Hi. This is John from Futureproofs, and in this video we’re going to look at how to review a marked-up proof so that you can take the corrections into the source, whether that’s InDesign, XML or whatever.

So far in these videos, we’ve looked at capturing corrections in Futureproofs, collaborating to resolve queries and collating a team’s markup into a single authoritative master proof.

That’s all vital, of course, but it’s only part of the battle. If it’s not easy for your typesetter or designer to review the master proof and actually make the corrections, it could just be wasted work.

Fortunately, Futureproofs is here to help. Our Designer mode lets you review the master proof one correction at a time. As you make corrections in your source document and check them off in Futureproofs, you’ll be taken to the next correction. Blank pages are skipped automatically, and you can be sure that you’re seeing every correction and won’t miss any.

If you don’t like seeing the markup disappear, don’t worry – you can show the corrections, and see the corrected markup in the margin, struck out. This also lets you sort out any mistakes you made!

Unlike all the other modes in Futureproofs, you can’t add any new markup when you’re working in this mode – this is about reviewing the proof, not marking it up! But you can add queries if any of the markup isn’t clear or if there are unintended consequences to a correction. This can really help avoid misunderstandings within the team – once you’ve made a correction, you can send a one-page PDF or screenshot to your editor for them to confirm that this is really what they wanted done! Our queries system is covered in another video but what this means is that you can carry on working confident in the knowledge that your message has been sent and that you’ll get a notification when they reply to you.

There’s also a useful sidebar that lists all the corrections on the page so that you can work in any order you like, and also highlights any global changes on every page of the proof.

As you can see, Designer mode is laser-focused on helping you quickly and easily implement the requested changes to the proof. Many of the features from our other modes are available, like thumbnail view and search, but they’re less important here. What matters is that you’re shown every correction, in order, and can easily check them off as you complete them.

If you prefer, you can also export a PDF of your marked-up master proof to work from, but as you can see it’s quicker, easier and more reliable to work in Futureproofs!

That’s it for this quick introduction to reviewing corrections in Futureproofs. Check out our other videos to learn more about what Futureproofs can do!

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