Summary of projects in Futureproofs


Futureproofs uses projects to collect all the files and data related to a particular product. This may be a book, a section of a book or a magazine issue.

A project's main purpose is to hold two fundamental groups of information - the PDF proofs and the details of the team working on the project. It is also the basis of many of the reports that Futureproofs will generate to help with project review.

Project data

A project has a title, which will be used throughout the system to identify the project. This need not be unique but we recommend that you do not have more than one project with the same title at a time or things may become confusing!

Each project can also have a range of other descriptive data if you choose.

  • Cover image - an image used in the system to represent your project. If you do not supply a cover image, we will use a generic cover.
  • ISBN - if your project already has an ISBN, you can enter it here to ensure that you know which product you are working on.
  • Target publication date - entering a target publication date will allow you to check within Futureproofs that your project is on schedule.

Any of these fields (including the project title) can be updated at any time to ensure that the data in Futureproofs is always in sync with the rest of your business.


Proofs can only be uploaded to a project - without a project, you cannot upload proofs. A project can hold any number of proof versions and masters. Proofs are uploaded as PDF files, which we convert to special images that are then sent to the users to mark up.

Proofs may have their own metadata, including due dates.

For more information about working with proofs in Futureproofs, see the Proofs sections of the Help (starting here).


Team members are invited to the project by the project's owner or someone to whom they have granted ownership rights. To accept the invitation and become a team member, the person invited needs to create a user account in Futureproofs (which is free of charge).

Within a project, team members may have any of three distinct roles.

  • Owner - this role grants someone full rights to the project, including the ability to upload new proofs (and hence potentially cost you money).
  • Proofreader - this role grants someone the right to view proofs, mark them up (including collaboration), work on master proofs and proofread against previous versions. It does not allow them to view project usage data or upload proofs.
  • Author - this role grants someone the right to view the proofs and mark them up, including collaboration. Someone with the Author role will be shown a simplified markup tool to make it even easier to mark proofs. They will not be able to work on master proofs or proofread against previous versions (in addition to the restrictions on Proofreaders).

For more information on how teams work in Futureproofs, see the Teams section of the Help.

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