Adding a new project

What is a project?

A project is our term for individual publications (whether that's a book, a magazine issue or whatever). Before you can upload proofs, you need to create a project for them to live inside. The project provides a container that groups your proofs and your team for that project, and also is the focus of our reporting tools, letting us show you how each proof stage of a project went, how much work was done, how many corrections were marked and so forth.

Before you can create a project, you need to be an administrator on a Publisher account. Ordinary users can work on projects, but only Publishers can create projects. There are two ways to become a Publisher: register the account yourself; or be invited to join someone else's account. Generally, it is best for people who work closely together to share an account, so you can collaborate and get reports across your projects.

How do I create a project?

To create a project, follow these simple steps.

  1. Once you're logged into Futureproofs, hover over the + item at the end of your projects list, and then click the Create Project button that appears.
  2. Enter the project details into the form that appears.

  3. The only required field is the project name, which needs to distinguish this project from all your other projects but need not be the real bibliographic name of the product. You may also enter  keywords such as the ISBN or subject area, and a target publication date. You may also specify an image to use as the cover image, which must smaller than 200 kB in size and can be in JPG or PNG format. If you do not provide a file, we will use a generic cover image for your project instead.

  4. You may choose to change the default markup language used and how often query reminder email are sent to members of the team, or to accept the default values set for your publisher.

  5. Click Save and your new project will be created and displayed on the dashboard.

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