Finding your project details

Not all users can view the project details. Only those who have the right role in the project can see the project information and change it. You have this permission if the project was created by someone using the same Publisher account as you, or if you have been made a proofreader or project owner for that project.

  1. To see your projects, just log into Futureproofs and you will be taken to the Dashboard, which lists all your projects. 
  2. By default, these are the projects for which you're a team member, but you can also show all projects from your Publisher account (if you're an Admin or Owner of a Publisher) by clicking the relevant option in the filters area on the left of the dashboard. 

    If there are a lot of projects, you may have to scroll down to find the project you're interested in, or you can type part of the project name into the text field under that match these choices, and the list will be filtered to show only matching projects.
  3. If you want to see more details about the project or change anything (e.g. update the title or change the target publication date), hover over the project and click the Details button. (If you don't see this then you don't have the required permissions for that project.)

  4. Once you click Details, your project will move to the top left of the window, and tabs will be shown underneath listing the details of the proofs, project, team and queries.

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