Project name, ISBN and target publication date

Information you can use to describe a project

Project name

When you create a project, you must give it a name so that you and your team can identify it within Futureproofs. The project name need not be unique but we recommend that it is, to prevent confusion. If you are producing several components with the same title but that differ by (for example) format, we recommend that you include this information in the Name field. For example:

  • Handbook of names (hardcover);
  • Atlas of English (Vol. 3);
  • New voices (3rd edn).

There are a few other pieces of information that you can use to describe your project as well.


The ISBN or ISSN is a unique code that is assigned to books or magazines before they are published. If your project has been given an ISBN, you can enter it when you create the project. If (as often happens) you don't get your ISBN until later in the project's life, you can add it as below.

Including the ISBN/ISSN can help to ensure that your reports from Futureproofs can be easily reconciled with other systems you might use.


Keywords can help you find a project among many others, and can include details like subject area, target age range, imprint name or even author name.

Target publication date

Each project can also be given a target publication date, so that your team can keep an eye on the big picture as they work on the various proof stages.

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