Inviting people to work on your project

Why would I want to invite people onto my project?

One of Futureproofs' benefits is allowing your team to collaborate in order to work more effectively together - in particular, by organising the queries raised in the system and allowing issues to be dealt with easily and decisions clearly recorded.

In order to collaborate, you need to create a team for each project. This is very easily done.

How do I invite people onto my project?

(Note that not all users can view the project  details. Only those who are a  Project Owner can see the project information and change it.)

  1. Log into Futureproofs, hover over your project and click the Details button. (If you cannot see this button, you do not have the correct permissions. Ask one of the Project Owners to change your role on the project if you feel that you should be able to do this.)
  2. The project will expand to show you the details in three tabs underneath. Select the Team tab. This lists everyone currently assigned to this project (including you). 
  3. To invite someone new to join your project, simply click the green Add Member button at the bottom of this list.
  4. A text field will appear in that row. Start typing the email address of the person you want to invite into this popup, and Futureproofs will suggest people who are members of other projects in your Publisher - choose a name from the list or finish typing the address. Then, check that they have the right role (which defaults to Proofreader).

  5. When you click Save, the person's details will be added to your team for this project.

Sometimes, emails get stuck in spam filters or fall victim to other technological problems. If your invitee hasn't received a notice email within a couple of hours that they've been added to the project, please contact us via the widget at the bottom of the screen and we will help you to solve the problem.

What if they're not already members of Futureproofs?

If you try to invite someone who doesn't already have an account, they will receive an invitation to sign up to Futureproofs. This will include your name and the project you have invited them to join, so that they know that this is genuine invitation and not a spam email.

You will see their email address listed under Invited Members at the bottom of the page.

Once they create an account, they will automatically be moved to the Team Members list with the role you assigned, and will be able to work on this project as soon as they log in.

Similarly, if your invitation email fails for some reason (e.g. a mistyped email address), this will appear in a 'Failed Invitations' section at the bottom of the page. If you see entries here, double-check the email address and try again.

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