Removing people from your project

Why would I want to remove people from my project?

One of Futureproofs' benefits is allowing your team to collaborate in order to work more effectively together - in particular, by organising the queries raised in the system and allowing issues to be dealt with easily and decisions clearly recorded.

The corollary of this is that, if someone leaves your project team (perhaps they have left the company, or a freelancer was only needed for one stage), you may want to prevent them having further access to your files.

How do I remove people from my project?

(Note that not all users can view the project pages. Only those who have the right  role in the project can see the project information and change it. You have this permission if you created the project, if the project was created by someone using the same Publisher account as you, or if you have been made an editor or project owner for that project.)

  1. Log into Futureproofs and locate your project in the list. Hover over the project and click Details, and then choose the Team tab in the details area that appears below your project.
  2. To remove someone from your project, simply click the Remove button next to their name. A popup will appear asking you if you are sure. Clicking Confirm will cause this user to lose their access to your project.

If you make a mistake and remove someone who still needs access, you can easily invite them once more into your team.

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